Portrait Photography by Rawle C. Jackman

Editorial work with Kenya…

Sometimes a location helps to influence the mood, the vibe, that feeling that somehow spur the senses to experience the moment.

The cobbled stone streets, the happy tourists, every other person with a camera and me with this lovely lady here. We decided to drive over to DUMBO to get a few shots on an overcast day in NY. As a note any light is good light, but it should be noted that when it’s overcast shadows are less harsh. You almost will never frown unless you intend too.

We did the impossible and actually found a park just as we drove down one of the narrow side streets. Parked the VW buggy and took a stroll. Not far from the car we immediately got a few shots.

Walked a bit more and captured a few others.

As it is with most editorial work, a specific set of shots were required. Our goal was simply to set out and see what magic we could make happen. But before we really got busy we had to make a pit-stop at the almost ever-present Starbucks, which ironically was literally right around the corner. What were the odds. 🙂

Portrait Photography by Rawle C. Jackman Portrait Photography by Rawle C. Jackman

After that quick respite, we headed out to get that shot. Starbucks in hand and Kenya stepping like she owned the town. She really did stop traffic. It happened. One of these shot would likely make the cut. Honestly we loved them all.

Model: Kenya Anderson
Photographer: Rawle C. Jackman

Beret by Top Shop
Coat by All Saints
Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Coffee by Starbucks 🙂

With these in the bag, there was more to capture. Sometimes the photographer may have ideas, but I often prefer when the person being shot knows how they would like to be captured. She did.

Found the perfect spot and mixed some people watching with product placement. All good fun.

Took a moment to appreciate that Manhattan Bridge. Portrait Photography by Rawle C. Jackman

Then as light began to fade decided to head back to the VW buggy. All in all a pretty great evening out.

Portrait Photography by Rawle C. Jackman Portrait Photography by Rawle C. Jackman

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