The cacophony is relentless

Was the world always this noisy, or have we simply conjured more platforms from which to amplify our shouts? It seems that we are inundated with pundits and self-proclaimed experts. Inspirational voices echo in every corner, each person morphing into a beacon of encouragement. A surge of newly minted doctors floods our feeds, offering remedies with ginger and honey, as if these age-old concoctions are groundbreaking revelations. The cacophony is relentless.

Even with the volume muted as I scroll, the clamor persists. I perceive the din through the imagery itself, for even visuals have grown deafening. We wade through a mire of content created merely for the sake of content. Superfluous information floats around, seeping into our consciousness, giving us the illusion of having gained knowledge. In truth, it’s nothing but transient noise. Fleeting. Meaningless. Noise. I’ve read that we have a mere eight seconds to seize someone’s attention. Eight seconds before they flit to the next distraction. It feels too serene to linger and truly engage. We have become prisoners of this relentless clatter. So much incessant noise.


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