Ello seems like a possibilty…

This article my Samuel Zeller so aptly captures what I have been thinking and feeling about photography in this Instagram space that I have to share.

He touches on quite a few shared observations. From the notion that some photographers today do not bother to understand how to make a good image but rather rely on a snazzy 85mm 1.4 lens that bestows the creamier of bokeh, to the seeming epidemic of similar styles of imagery. It’s blurry lights and muted filters all resulting in images that are uncannily similar.

Seems like the zeitgeist of our time, but to many it plays like the diluting of an art form and a learned and practiced skill. Now we all do borrow, learn and are influenced by the photography we see out there, but the usual end result is the ultimate formation of your own style. Not the cookie cutter versions of images flooding your feed. Don’t believe me? Have a good look at your IG explore feed. Then have a read of this article, he said it better.

Goodbye Instagram, hello Ello

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